WiZ - Smart lighting for your home

Wiz is a new, completely wireless and smart lighting solution for your entire home that offers a full portfolio of connected lights and luminaires for your living. The light come in three different categories: Dimmable white, that allows you to dim in light power (lumen); Tunable white, which allows you to change the temperature of the light from warm yellow to cold white; Color, which gives you access to over 16 million nuances of color.

Create the ambient and warm living that you want during your daily life, through a range of white light and different colors that enhance your wellbeing as well as improving your functionality during work or similar activities. Everything is easily set up and connected, with a wide range of different functionalities found in the Wiz-app as well as in the possibility to connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant through different integrated smart home devices.

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Natural Light, Every Day

There's nothing better than waking up to the rising light of dawn, getting the day's work done in bright daylight, and rounding off the day's tasks and enjoying your evening as the sun sets and the daylight slowly dims to warm, relaxing hues. For all those days when your source of natural sunlight is interrupted by winter darkness or endless gray clouds, WiZ has you covered.

With the theme Circadian Rhythm, your WiZ light naturally switches between different shades and brightness levels throughout the day to mimic the natural rhythm of daylight - just as your body prefers. And don't worry, if you get up late or have some specific needs in your daily rhythm, you can easily customize your very own schedules.

WiZ Functionality


Wiz works through your existing WIFI network and does not need a hub to function. Each bulb connects to your phone for quick and easy installation.


Wiz can be controlled from anywhere on the planet as long as you have an internet connection. Even when the WIFI in your home is down, you can still communicate with your bulbs at home.


Wiz can be connected to both Google Home Assistant, Siri and Amazon Alexa through their respective compatible smart home devices. This gives you full voice control over your Wiz light system.


Dim your lights exactly to the correct light power or temperature that you want and need. No dimmer needs to be installed, everything is done wirelessly.


The Wiz lighting system is not limited to one user in one room. Multiple people can use the smart lighting at the same time, and you can use it across a large living like a house without any issues.


WiZ Spacesense is an innovative lighting control system that utilizes integrated cutting-edge sensor technology in WiZ bulbs and luminaires, to automatically turn your lights on and off when you enter och exit a room.

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