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Lippa Apple Watch Nylon Strap 42/44/45/49 - Dark Green

Discover functionality and modern style with our modern nylon strap for Apple Watch
Give your Apple Watch a boost with our stylish nylon strap. This attractive nylon strap combines practical functionality with a modern look, transforming your watch into a fresh and versatile accessory.

Choose from several materials, including leather, silicone, steel and finewoven straps. Explore the wide spectrum of colors and materials available for sizes 42 - 49 mm.

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Important advantages of our nylon strap

• Robust and durable: Our nylon strap is designed to withstand daily use and maintain its appearance. The high-quality nylon guarantees both strength and long-term durability.

• Comfortable fit: The light and breathable structure of the nylon material ensures maximum comfort, even during long periods of use. The adjustable closure makes it easy to achieve the perfect fit.

• Modern design: With its stylish and versatile appearance, this nylon strap is an ideal choice for both sporting and everyday activities. It fits into any style, from the casual to the more formal.
Note: This strap fits all Apple Watch models with the size 42 - 49 mm. We also have straps that fit the smaller watch faces with the dimensions 38 - 41 mm and you can find them here: Apple Watch Strap 38-41 mm. Below you can see the exact models that this strap fits:

Apple Watch 1 - 42 mm
Apple Watch 2 - 42 mm
Apple Watch 3 - 42 mm
Apple Watch 4 - 44 mm
Apple Watch 5 - 44 mm
Apple Watch 6 - 44 mm
Apple Watch 7 - 45 mm
Apple Watch 8 - 45 mm
Apple Watch 9 - 45 mm
Apple Watch SE 2020 - 45 mm
Apple Watch SE 2022 - 45 mm
Apple Watch Ultra - 49mm
Apple Watch Ultra 2 - 49 mm

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