Smart Home - Shelly Pro 2 - 3800235268025
Productnummer: 3031177

Shelly Pro 2

2 channels DIN rail relay switch with Wi-Fi, LAN and Bluetooth connection, Professional 2 channels relay with Wi-Fi, LAN, and Bluetooth connection, suitable for home and facility automation with remote control. DIN rail mountable insde a breaker box. Enhanced safety features and compatible with most used home automation platforms. Shelly Pro 2 LAN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connection, 2 output, 16A each. Total device maximum of 25A, Dry contact, DIN rail mountable, 2 phases control

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Producent: Shelly
Productnummer: 3031177
Model: 3800235268025
EAN: 3800235268025

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