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PanzerGlass MATRIX Screen Protector Apple iPhone 14 | 13 Pro | 13 | Ultra-Wide Fit w. AlignerKit

Recycled plastic = Made of 100% recycled plastic for a better tomorrow.
Ultra-Wide Fit = Covers the entire front surface of your device to provide a complete and clear view of your screen, while still leaving room for a case.
Drop protection = Protects against crushing falls onto stone-hard pavements, unforgiving bathroom floors, and other device-smashing surfaces.
Scratch resistant = Protects your device from scratching caused by the hazards of everyday life.
Shock resistant = Keeps your device safe from your everyday fumbling, dropping and screen cracking.
Easy installation = So easy to install you can do it even if you’re all thumbs.
Longer lifespan = Extends the lifetime of your device, enabling you to enjoy it longer and give it to others when you no longer need it yourself.
100% touch sensitivity = Feels like the original screen with 100% touch sensitivity.
Incl. AlignerKit = Comes with an AlignerKit that makes installation so simple you can do it perfectly even if you’re all thumbs.
Platinum strength - stronger = One of our strongest glasses for those devices that you just can’t live without.
Antibacterial = Proven to kill up to 99.99% of all common surface bacteria in accordance with ISO 22196 and JIS Z 2801.
Fingerprint resistant = Repels oil and water, reducing traces of fingerprints as well as dirt, disinfectant gel and hand lotion.
Original screen protector = What’s the difference between the original PanzerGlass™ screen protector and other screen protectors? Try dropping your phone and you’ll find out.
Case friendly = Keeps your screen safe while still leaving room for a protective case.

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 We need change. And the award-winning MATRIX screen protector from PanzerGlass® IS change. It is made of 100% recycled plastic. It is designed to prolong the lifetime of your phone. It comes in an FSC™-certified box. It uses approximately 30%* less paper packaging than previous MATRIX models. AND it keeps your phone screen safe from scratch-creating bumps against sharp-edged dangers, screen-cracking falls onto stone-hard pavements, and other hazards of everyday life.

Prolonging the lifetime of our devices, thereby postponing the need to produce new ones, is one way of working toward a more sustainable future. Another is to protect the world’s wildlife and reduce plastic waste in nature. To this end, PanzerGlass® has teamed up with non-profit organization The Perfect World Foundation to support “Project Ocean”. For each MATRIX sold, PanzerGlass® will make a donation to the project, dedicated to protecting marine life, for instance by reducing the amount of plastic and ghost nets that end up in our oceans.

MATRIX comes with an AlignerKit that makes installation a piece of cake (seriously!), and to make it even easier, we’ve included step-by-step instructions as well as a QR code for quick access to our online how-to video. And the look? Well, it is SO featherweight, SO thin and SO clear that you’ll hardly notice it’s there … at least not until you bump your phone screen against a sharp-edged table corner or scratch it on the metal-sharp keys in your pocket. This may not happen, but if it does, you’ll regret not having clicked “add to cart”.

The screen protector is Ultra-Wide Fit, meaning it covers the front surface of your phone to provide superb screen protection and a complete screen view, while still leaving a little room around the edges for a PanzerGlass® case. If you want 360-degree phone protection, combine the screen protector and case with a PanzerGlass® PicturePerfect camera lens protector.

*Estimated by comparing the paper weight with our 2022 packaging.

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