Merchandise - Lord of the Rings - Aragorn Goblet - B5874V2

Lord of the Rings - Aragorn Goblet

Officially licensed The Lord of the Rings Aragorn Cup 19.5 cm

The stem of this goblet is formed from the hilt of the sword Narsil, the longsword wielded by King Elendil during the War of the LastAlliance, and used by his son, Isildur, to cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand. It was later reforged into Anduril and would become Aragorn's sword. Around the base of the cup is Aragorn's crown, after he was crowned King Elessar of Gondar, after Sauron's defeat. The details around the rim reflect the ring of Barahir and the white wood. His chain mail and armor form the background of the cup, while the words 'The Lord of the Rings' are emblazoned on the front. This exquisitely designed piece is cast as well as the finest 'elven' resin before being expertly hand painted.

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