Super Mario Bros.

The date is September 16, 1985 Japan. On the shelves of the Japanese stores is a new game for the popular Nintendo Famicon console.

The box is yellow, and the cover shows a group of monsters alongside a princess in a pink dress, who is being held hostage in the hand of a giant evil turtle. Under the cover picture a text reads “????????????”, Super Mario Brothers.

But what really catches the eye, is the man jumping. He is wearing red overalls, brown shoes, a blue shirt, gloves, and a hat which over time becomes his most iconic feature. His name is Mario, he is a little chubby, he is a plumber, and over the next 35 years, he is going to star in over 200 different games.

Find all of you Super Mario favorites right here and join in on the celebration of the world-famous little plumber!

Super Mario Brothers conquers the West

In the west, we had to way a bit longer for Super Mario Bros. to hit the stores. In both Europe and the US, the game, published by Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), was a huge success turning Mario into Nintendo’s mascot – a position he has held ever since.

Relive the Super Mario classics

Super Mario has had a huge impact on millions all over the world. With more than 800 million sold games, Super Mario is the world’s most successful game series and Nintendo is still far from done with their popular mascot!

This year, Nintendo marks the 35th birthday of Super Mario Bros. with a blast of a birthday party, packed with both digital and physical surprises, such as:

  • An updated version of the popular Wii U game Super Mario 3D World
  • A re-visit with the Game & Watch-format for Nintendo Switch in Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.
  • A new Augmented Reality (AR) system for Mario Kart Live Home Circuit and Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which unites three of the most popular 3D games from the Super Mario series.
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