3800235265079 - Shelly i4

Shelly i4

Wi-Fi operated 4 digital inputs controller for enhanced actions control, Shelly Plus i4 allows you to manually activate or deactivate any created scene, run synchronized actions, or execute complex trigger scenarios. Enhanced with an extremely fast processor, Shelly Plus i4 will immediately command the execution and notification of various actions. You can use Shelly Plus i4 to control other connected Shelly relays, sensors, or HTTP and MQTT-controlled devices. Shelly Plus i4, Wi-Fi operated - Connects to your Wi-Fi network. No HUB required!, Bluetooth - Add devices quick and easy via Bluetooth connection, using Shelly Cloud App, Extremely fast processor – ESP32, Multi-click - Up to 12 possible actions, Improved API interface, Java Scripts support for customized and complex scenarios

Productnummer: 3031621
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Producent: Shelly
Productnummer: 3031621
Model: 3800235265079
EAN: 3800235265079

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