Mobiel - Beschermend glas - PanzerGlass TCL 30 | 30 Plus | 30 5G | Screen Protector Glass - PANZER4238
Productnummer: 3112730

PanzerGlass TCL 30 | 30 Plus | 30 5G | Screen Protector Glass

• Edge-to-edge: A case-friendly fit that offers full screen coverage and is designed to work with most cases.
• Scratch resistant: Protects your device from scratching caused by the hazards of everyday life.
• Shock resistant: Keeps your device safe from your everyday fumbling, dropping and screen cracking.
• Easy installation: So easy to install you can do it even if you’re all thumbs.
• 100% touch sensitivity: Feels like the original screen with 100% touch sensitivity.
• Gold strength - strong: A strong glass to protect your device against the hazards of everyday life.
• Crystal-clear view: So clear that you might not even notice it's there, well, not until your device tumbles to the ground and your screen doesn't crack.
• Fingerprint resistant: Repels oil and water, reducing traces of fingerprints as well as dirt, disinfectant gel and hand lotion.
• Original screen protector: What’s the difference between the original PanzerGlass™ screen protector and other screen protectors? Try dropping your phone and you’ll find out.
• Case friendly: Keeps your screen safe while still leaving room for a protective case.

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Producent: PanzerGlass
Productnummer: 3112730
Model: PANZER4238
EAN: 5711724042386

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ProductbeschrijvingPanzerGlass - schermbeschermer voor mobiele telefoon - rand naar rand
ProducttypeSchermbeschermer - glas
Bedoeld voorMobiele telefoon
BeschermingKrasbestendig, vingerafdrukbestendig, schokbestendig
Afmetingen (BxDxH)7.105 cm 15.89 cm
Dikte0.66 mm
Gewicht26 g
Kleur frameZwart
Ontworpen voorTCL 30, 30+


Producttype Schermbeschermer - glas
Bedoeld voor Mobiele telefoon
Bescherming Krasbestendig, vingerafdrukbestendig, schokbestendig
Deklaag Olieafstotend
Breedte 7.105 cm
Hoogte 15.89 cm
Gewicht 26 g
Dikte 0.66 mm
Kleur frame Zwart


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Verzendbreedte 10.8 cm
Verzenddiepte 1.2 cm
Verzendhoogte 19.5 cm
Protect your phone from the hazards of everyday life with PanzerGlass. Accidental bumps against sharp-edged dangers in your pocket or crushing falls onto stone-hard pavements are no match for this scratch and shock-resistant screen protector. The screen protector is easy to apply and once installed, you'll never again fear the sight of your phone tumbling to the ground. This may never happen, but if it does, you'll regret not having clicked "add to cart".

The Edge-to-Edge screen protector covers the entire front surface of your phone, while leaving room for a case.

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