ODIO-7MJ - DUTZO Ōdio 7 Gaming Headset

DUTZO Ōdio 7 Gaming Headset

Gaming headset, full size, driver dimension 53 mm, 3.5mm mini-jack connector, sensitivity 100 dB, impedance: 32 ohm, frequency response 20 - 20000 Hz, detachable microphone, microphone frequency response 100 - 10000 Hz, sensitivity 58 dB, memory foam earpads, 1.2 meter cable with in-line controller and 1 meter extension cable with splitter to 2 x mini-jack connector, black / orange

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"A well-built and comfortable headset at a great price point. You really can't go wrong with the Odio 7 as it handles both gaming and music, it is simply a great all round headset."


Producent: DUTZO
Productnummer: 2659615
Model: ODIO-7MJ
EAN: 5704333005569

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DUTZO Ōdio 7


Ōdio 7 has been developed with a keen focus on gaming for many hours. Ōdio 7 is an over ear (full size) gaming headset with big, soft memory foam ear cushions that ensures ultimate comfort even after hours of hardcore gaming!

CLEAR SOUND – hear what you can’t see…

Enhance your game play and discover your opponents before they sneak up on you. With 53 mm drivers that provides you with a great sound signature that will aid you to hearing what you can’t see when you’re gaming. The comfortable ear cushions are made of PU-leather with a closed backside encloses the sound within the headset for your full focus on gaming.


Endurance is not only important in game, but also when it comes to your gaming gear. Ōdio 7 is built on an aluminum frame with powerful hinges that ensure long durability - so you can focus on your game instead of your gear. The headband and ear cushions are made with a good fit and in a nice design.


With Ōdio 7, you don't have to be the player who shouts the loudest. The removable microphone provides background noise limitation and with the audio controller built into the cable, you can control the volume of the headset and mute your microphone easily.


Ōdio 7 fits all your devices: PC, tablet, game consoles and mobile devices with MiniJack connections. You can switch between single and double 3.5mm MiniJack connectors.


  • 1.2 m braided cable with 1 meter extension cable with splitter function with 3.5 mm MiniJack
  • Built-in audio control: volume and microphone mute buttons
  • Suitable for PC and consoles with MiniJack connections

Specifications - Earphones

  • 53mm apertures / drivers
  • 20 Hz - 20 KHz frequency range
  • 32 Ohm impedance
  • 100 dB sound pressure level

Specifications - Microphone

  • Unidirectional microphone - limits background noise
  • Removable microphone
  • Micron size 6 x 2.7 mm
  • 100 Hz - 10 KHz frequency range
  • 58 dB sensitivity


  • ODIO-7SP2EP - DUTZO Ōdio 7 Sparepart - 2 Ear pads
    DUTZO Ōdio 7 Sparepart - 2 Ear pads
    Replacement ear pads for DUTZO Ōdio 7
  • ODIO-7SPEC - DUTZO Ōdio 7 Sparepart - Extention Cable
    DUTZO Ōdio 7 Sparepart - Extention Cable
    Extension cable for DUTZO Ōdio 7
  • ODIO-7SPMIC - DUTZO Ōdio 7 Sparepart - Microphone
    DUTZO Ōdio 7 Sparepart - Microphone
    Replacement microphone for DUTZO Ōdio 7

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