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Frogun (Deluxe Edition) - Nintendo Switch - Platformgame


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Join Renata as she adventures across a world of mystical ruins with the titular FROGUN!

Frogun is an old-school platformer with the soul of the retro era, in which your frog-shaped grappling hook is a your best friend!

Renata's parents are world-renown explorers, archeologists and inventors that travel all over the world uncovering the secrets of the past, bringing her with them in their expeditions. However, in their latest adventure, they decide to leave her at the base camp - the Beelzebub ruins are said to be too dangerous!

For three whole days she waits, her pride hurt and bored out of her mind, until she realized: if they haven't returned yet, something must have happened to them! In a hurry she grabs her parents' last invention, the Frogun, and heads to the ruins to rescue them, and prove that she's as capable as them!

Key Features:
Explore colorful levels full of crispy pixelated ruins, freezing snow caps, and scorching lava swamps in a modern representation of a lowpoly aesthetic

Race Renata's rival and fight big bosses

Find secret areas and shortcuts by mastering the grappling mechanics

Visit the hatter to trade your coins for hats, bestiary entries, game art, and more

Unlockable 2-player duel arenas to challenge your friends

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