CD-speler - Lenco SCD-24 Black - Portable stereo FM radio with CD player - SCD-24DAB BK
Productnummer: 3278399

Lenco SCD-24 Black - Portable stereo FM radio with CD player

Portable design
Features FM radio and CD player
Available in many colours
Does not have DAB+

65,87 € 54,44 € excl. BTW
Goedkoopste privé verzending 6,99 €
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The Lenco SCD-24 is a portable FM radio/CD player for young and old. With its simple design, the Lenco SCD-24 is easy to operate. All you need to do is connect the Lenco SCD-24 to an electrical wall socket or battery supply. With one push of a button, you can immediately enjoy listening to your favourite CD or radio station.

The Lenco SCD-24 has a compact size and is equipped with a handle for easy transportation. Take the Lenco SCD-24 with you to the park or to a party with friends, sing-a-long and dance to your favourite tunes and artist.

The Lenco SCD-24 adds colour to your music and allows you to listen to your favourite songs anytime, anywhere! Thanks to the programmable memory, you can store the music you prefer and endlessly listen to your own favourite music.

The Lenco SCD-24 is available in 7 colours: blue/black, green/black, purple, red/black, white, black/silver and pink.

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